Startups & Limited Company Formation

We’ve helped numerous companies lay the foundations necessary for ongoing success. It would be our pleasure to assist you in your new venture.

Even with drive and a clear vision, starting a business can be a daunting prospect. Our in-house team of accountants, brand consultants, graphic designers and web developers are here to assist you start, establish and consolidate your business. Over the years we acuminated vast experience working with start-ups in a number of different industries. Take a look below and see how we could assist you.

You will find that some of the services listed on this page can be purchased in isolation, for example, some of our company formation packages. If you’re a start-up and interested in one or more of the services listed below, please contact us to see if you qualify for one of our start-up discounts.

Business Plans

New ventures can usually be separated into two categories, those who are seeking investment, and those who aren’t.

If you’re looking to impress investors, then a succinct, well thought out, meticulously presented business plan will help you get off to a good start. However, the day to day demands of starting a new company usually consume most of a business owner’s time, seldom leaving the hours free to complete such a task to the standard required.

This is where we come in. We can conduct a thorough analysis of your business’s operational requirements while assessing your competitive positioning and potential for expansion. We’ll make sure your business plan is suitable for investors, freeing you to channel your efforts and focus elsewhere. If you know exactly how your business plan should be structured, maybe you even have a first rough draft completed, then we can also come alongside and assist you in whatever capacity your require. We often proof read and edit existing documents, offering recommendations, compiling competitor information and conducting consumer research as requested.

So whether you need to craft a thorough business plan detailing current and future operations, or make a great first impression with an investor with a punchy company overview, get in touch with us with us today. Let us ease the burden of this often time consuming and stressful task and help you create a business plan that’s uniquely tailored to your specific requirements.

Company Name, domains & Social Media

Finding a memorable name for your company that has the corresponding domains and social media accounts vacant is becoming increasingly difficult. Using our unique system of research and word storming, we’ve helped many start-ups find the right fit for their company.

UK and Overseas Company Formation

Once you have the right name for your business we can help you register it at Companies House. So whether you’re in the UK or overseas, looking to establish a Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) or Public Limited Company (PLC), let us handle the particulars and get you up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. Once the company has been incorporated, we’ll email your company registration documents straight to you.

Brand Development

Here at Chapelle Consultants we love working with clients during the conception and planning stage of new ventures and specialise in creating company stories that really resonate with the target audience. How your brand communicates with customers is crucial to securing success in the market place; therefore, how your audience interacts, feels and perceives your brand is our primary focus.

We have a wide range of experience, building upon existing customer bases, establishing and repositioning brands, launching new products and winning new business. In order to ensure successful and strategic positioning among your competitors we cover everything from identity design and name generation to consumer and market research.

Logo Design

Having a logo that really stands out is becoming increasingly important when trading within a culture that’s under relentless visual bombardment. As people, we only get one chance to make a first impression, and the same can be said about our companies. Our in house team of brand consultants and graphic designers can help you create a memorable logo that clearly communicates both your brand’s message and your company’s ethos.

Website Development & Hosting

You’re at a major disadvantage to your competitors if you haven’t got a fully responsive, well designed and user friendly website. Here at Chapelle Consultants we handle the entire development process, so whether it’s a one page brochure website or large ecommerce shop, we can help you establish a strong online presence.

In order to get a clear understanding of your requirements, you’ll receive a free no obligation consultation with one of our in house website developers. Following this, and after clarifying any preferred colour schemes/design preferences, we’ll send concepts and visuals for approval before site development begins. So you’re able to access and edit your website from anywhere in the world, a user friendly content management system – with accompanying training – can also be included.

Something that is often overlooked when building a website is the importance of quality content. From an SEO perspective, original and engaging content is probably one of the – if not the most – important factors. To decrease the development time of your website, having all of content ready is a must. Alternatively, if you need page content written, then this is something we can handle, but will increase the development time and cost of your website.

Once your website has been built, we can get you online fast with one of our affordable web hosting plans. To ensure it’s indexed correctly and easy for your customers to find, we’ll also submit your site to all major search engines and databases.

Registering Trademarks

Trademarks are often overlooked as being unnecessary luxuries and at other times they’re discounted altogether. However, in our experience there’s no wiser decision than protecting the most important asset that your business possesses, your brand. We have experience registering trademarks on both sides of the Atlantic, so whether you’re looking to trade solely in the UK or expand overseas, we can assist you.